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Case Study

Rail-Based Automation Fortifies an
AI-Enabled Drug Discovery Learning Loop

Case Study

Rail-Based Automation Fortifies an
AI-Enabled Drug Discovery Learning Loop
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Re-imagining drug discovery to improve patient outcomes with Exscientia

Traditional drug discovery methods yield limited progress over long periods of time. Exscientia recognized this as a major roadblock and sought to reimagine this critical step in developing therapies to improve patient lives. Download this case study now to see how looping in automation enabled them to navigate this roadblock and meet their goals of increasing the learning loop rate, building economies of scales and supporting improved workflow reliability and repeatability.

Inside, you will:

  • Analyze how automation was integral to Exscientia's process, focusing on the role of a relationship-oriented supplier in enhancing their initiatives
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Nucleus® automated ecosystem in managing the movement of 96-, 384-, or 1536-well plates autonomously, and assess its impact on Exscientia's operational efficiency
  • Investigate how the integration of Cellario® whole lab workflow automation software and the remote-enabled CellarioOS™ software coordinated the entire ecosystem, complementing Exscientia's proprietary systems
  • Explore the range of automation benefits that were crucial in enabling the team to devote more resources to resolving mechanisms of action (MOA) mysteries and other critical areas to enhance project value

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"We are aiming at multiple assets on the system per day, which requires considerable automation flexibility."


Martin Redhead, PhD.

Executive Director, Primary Pharmacology