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Prime® Consumables

Pipette Tips

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Brilliantly Different 

From macro to micro, details can make all the difference between success and setback. This rings especially true when transferring the smallest liquid volumes. This is why we devoted meticulous attention to every facet of our exclusive performance-based Prime pipette tips.

Our purpose-driven craftmanship ensures powerfully reliable liquid handling performance while extending your first-class HighRes Biosolutions experience.

Download the brochure and discover how our Prime pipette tips are designed to reflect quality from a multitude of angles:

  • Form: Champions of convenience in any application with plate densities from 24 - to 1536-wells
  • Fit: Great things happen with a ono-of-a-kind relationship between mechanics and artistry
  • Function: Wielding intense and highly consistent performance under any conditions
  • Freedom: Nothing but pure unobstructed opportunity
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